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Yumeiro Kamera

Fairy Lights and Night Sighs

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I'm not sweet, really!
  • I am known as Nabs, Nabby, Nabsy, Moya, Moymoy, Moyshi,Nana, Yummy and variations thereof.
  • My real name is Yumna Masoumei and most people mispronounce both of those, hence the nicknames.
  • I am a mixed Asian of Indian, Pakistani and other blood who has lived all over the globe and is currently in Canada. (Most recently before that I was in the UAE, so shout out to everyone who’s there/been there ^u^)
  • I am a Muslim. 
  • I have violent obsessions with random things. 
  • I am normally really shy, both in real life and on the interwebs (aside from close friends and family of course xP), so I don’t really speak much. I also am often too intimidated to get into tinychats and such (It feels like everyone knows each other and is really cool and I… am neither >.<;;)
  • I am lucky enough to be a proofreader for this site: PrinceRevolution [hustle over, it’s awesome, important, amazing, addictive and absolutely free. And it’s in like, 5 different languages ^_^] 
  • I have a best friend, but she’s currently in Australia, and I miss her terribly.
  • I can also be seen popping in and out of these places: Deviantart Twitter
  • I love (but not limited to) K-Pop, Asian Dramas, Anime and Manga. That’s the majority of this place. The rest is (english-speaking) shows and personal thoughts (read: rants)
  • This is me in all my glory~~~
  • Photobucket
  • Right. I think everything has been cleared. And if you even bothered to get on this page, you deserve a whole box of cookies and a hug <3