October 5th, 2012


Faith Fanfic Part IV

So. I finally triumphed and finished this. Sorta. I left the ending slightly open because the whole talk of Choi Young's wife's name being Eun Soo stirred up another fic in me, but until I completely figure out the logistics of that one, I'm not writing it. Maybe I'll figure it out sometime soon.

That said, I'm completely rubbish at make-out-ish scenes, they are most definitely not my forte (which implies that I actually have a forte which pfftt), and so I would like to request everyone to err... fill in the blanks. Think of it as a make-your-own-sundae bar, only with in fic form~

This last bit is dedicated to the An0nzle whom I call Chouchou, because she is a complete dearheart and her comments and thoughts are amazing and I sort of love her. So yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed it, and any and all feedback welcome ^u^

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