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Faith Fanfic Part II

So. This is the second of approximately three parts, and there may be historical/traditional inconsistencies, but I am sort of sick and lazy so I'm going off whatever I already know due to being a asian history student and a half-indian. But this is my fiction, so yeah. But note that what I wrote does have some grounding in reality. It just may not be completely accurate. And now that that unnecessarily long disclaimer is over, 

The nightmare seemed neverending, and it was almost dawn by the time the she fell back into a dreamless sleep. But try as he might, Choi Young couldn't bear to put her down. It was as if someone had glued her to him, and the rocking, the cooing, the stroking of her hair away from her face, the wiping of her face with his sleeve, all had put him into a looped trance that he could not escape. He couldn't stop looking at her face, and even though it she had been having a vicous nightmare, a sharp point that stabbed into his chest, he couldn't help himself to a tiny smile that lit up his face as he marvelled at the absolute miracle of actually holding her. He had no doubt at this point. He was in love with her. And he was almost as sure that she was with him.
He accidently dozed off, her warmth so comfortable in his arms, his own personal heater, and had the rain not been so heavy, he would have panicked at the thought of someone following them.
Finally, the chirping of the birds snapped him out of the weird nap-trance he had been existing in, making him realise that the rain had slowed to an almost complete stop. He finally laid her down and start readying breakfast. It would be the first thing she asked for, he knew. The day she did not ask or talk or in some way at least subtly allude to food would be the most frightening day of in his life. 
He shook her, gently calling her name, and she bolted awake.
"Whassamatter?" She slurred groggily.
"Food." He was back to the one-syllable shtick again. All the luxuries that the night and her unconcious had provided him- holding her, smiling, not being his reserved self- had all been taken away from him.
They ate. They packed. They rode. The whole time, he barely uttered a few sentences, leaving her to chatter on, a replay of yesterday. 
Towards the end of the day, Choi Young shushed her. They were nearing a monastery, he had said, and she couldn't talk as freely anymore. Choi Young hid his sword into one of the saddle-bags, preferring to arm himself with less conspicuous daggers on various parts of his body under the layperson clothes he had changed into when they had started their running away. 
Left alone with her thoughts, Eun Soo pondered over the events on last night. She knew that she had had terrible nightmares, and she remembered someone holding her and cooing over her, and seeing flashes of Choi Young's clothes. She hoped that it had been as she remembered, but at the same time the logical part of her told her not to be silly. Great. Now the big lug was messing with her brain.
The closer they got to the monastery, the more jittery Choi Young got. To the normal person, it wasn't noticeable at all, but to the ones who knew Choi Young, it was tantamount to seeing him shiver. He kept stealing more glances of Eun Soo, kept looking over his shoulder more, and bade the horses to ride faster. What exactly was going on?
By the time they reached the monastery gates, Choi Young definitely needed a sedative or two. The monk who opened the gates took one look at the both of them and said "Ahh, you almost missed it." and ushered them inside. Choi Young and Eun Soo exchanged the fastest most confused glances before hardening themselves into poker faces. The monk who had opened the gates now called over two more monks, who separated Eun Soo from Choi Young's back, which had by now become her go to place in any emergency, and fairly dragged them into opposite directions. Eun Soo threw one desperate look towards Choi Young, and his expression told her to just go along with whatever was happening.
Eun Soo ended up in a room with about a dozen or so more women, all applying make up and wearing somewhat fancy clothes. In other words, Eun Soo was completely lost. So obviously, she decided to ask for directions. 
"Ah, excuse me, what--"
"Ahh, you're asking us how we met?" No, that's not what I even dreamt of asking why would I want to know that Who are you who is we-- "Well he is the son of a scholar, but his father ranks lower than mine, so there was this poetry gathering at my house, and his family was invited and I saw him and I knew as soon as he smiled and I think he saw me through the window as well, and after that you know what they say--" She stopped to giggle after speaking without breath, and Eun Soo desperately sought to insert her original question into the conversation when the doors opened to reveal a monk.
Forming them into a line, he looked them over, and when his eyes looked at Eun Soo, they revealed pity. Tsking, he quickly pulled out a ornate length of cloth from a bag in the corner of the room and draped it over her, covering her head and shoulders till somewhere down to her knees, and partially covering her face so that unless she lifted the cloth, she couldn't see. Before she could ask what exactly was doing, the monk had moved on, and was guiding the line of women through the corridors. Quickly thinking about it, Eun Soo grabbed onto the cloth. Not only would it serve to shield her from prying eyes, if she was lucky enough she could keep and take it home. Home home. Future home. The home that gave her a painful pang when she thought about it.
Before she knew it, she found herself in a hall that somewhat resembled the king's court, except that there was a giant golden Buddha where the king usually sat. The line of women were made to stand facing a line of men, and opposite her stood Choi Young, who was looking everywhere except her. He clearly had some clue what was going on. The cloth only made it harder for her to catch his eyes, and she vowed to make him pay once whatever-this-was was over. A monk went around holding a scroll, and asked her name. She replied without thinking, but then quickly slapped her hands over her mouth. What had she done? The monk looked at her with understanding eyes, and said "Do not worry, child, for there are many in the same boat as you, and none would speak of it."
Speak of this? Many in her boat? Right. Who else had been abducted from their time and brought here to patch royals up? Show them to her!
The monk asked Choi Young his name, and he answered truthfully. But they had promised to use aliases! Even if one person was aliased, it was better than nothing, right? What was he thinking?!?
Just then, the monk who had opened the gates started speaking. "Love transcends all boundaries, but as fickle humans, not all recognise this. But the Buddha acknowledges this, and he gives his blessing. May your unions be blissful, and may you eternally care for each other in circumstances good or bad."
Then it hit her.
They. Were. Married?

Thoughts, comments, criticisms, editing, ideas, everything welcome!

Oh, and Part I was over here~
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