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Update and Faith Fanfic Part I (Oh my god I know it's bad don't kill me, just criticise me gently)

So. Something not good happened.
I caught the flu.
It's been going round our house, and though I held out, I found myself infected nonetheless (I'm last though~)
Me falling sick/getting hurt always happens at the best of times. A.K.A when you have 1 assignment, 1 essay, 1 midterm, 1 test and tonnes of homework due.
However, flu medicine has been making me sleepy as salt to the injury that is this sickness, so I have been a barely functioning human (which is why I haven't replied/commented on your stuffs yet unnies, I pwomise I will as soon as I feel a little better). 
So I probably can't do any Arang recaps this week. Maybe a mini-post about the bits I loved, if I feel super-better. 
Anyway, to get away from all this woe-is-me talk, I must say that youtube on le phone is one of the best things ever, and I found this amazing Mike He X Rainie Yang MV made with Devil Beside You and Why Why Love scenes. It's possibly the best fanMV of Mike He X Rainie Yang out there. It easily tops the list of what I've seen (which admittedly is not that many) although that no way negates the awesomeness of the other fanMVs.

To see what I'm blathering about, watch:

In other news, since I mentioned that I canna do Arang recaps, I nevertheless started writing a Faith fanfic with scottishlass unnie's encouragement. It's approximately one-third of the whole fic, which deals with an alternate story of them running away more succesfully than they did actually and it is cut off at an awkward part since I since haven't had the energy to type more (although the story be clear in me head), so here:

They had been riding constantly for at least 8 hours, Eun Soo estimated, and now the sun was setting, and the horses were tiring. Arriving at a clearing in the middle of the forest, Choi Young called for a stop, walking the horses to the stream the flowed at the edge. 
He had hardly spoken all day, and even though he normally was laconic, it was more silent than usual. Eun Soo had tried to fill in the gaps. She chattered, non-stop, about this world, her world, what she thought of the next world, her thoughts on food, especially the western kind (cheese!), her practice... the list went on and on and on. If she required a response, he would utter a grunt, and though she thought she saw him smile a couple of times, it could have easily been her imagination.
It was like she was getting him to open up to her all over again.
She wasn't exactly elated with the prospect.
Once had been hard enough.
She had never missed modern transport as much before as she did now. She didn't mind horses, they were a childhood dream of hers, but eight hours of riding had rendered her bum numb and full of hurt at the same time. She never knew such a combination could exist. She said as much.
Yosh! And there it was again! That slight grin. More like the subtle lift of the corners of his mouth. But by current Choi Young standards, this was a guffaw.
She was happy and irritated at the same time. He was so trying.
As usual, he insisted on her sleeping as he kept watch. Another annoying aspect. As much as she respected him for his constant watchfulness and responsibility, she did wish that he saw her as someone good enough to be his equal, and not someone to constantly be coddled like a child. And while the sensible, rational part of her knew that her senses were not half as sharp as the Head General of the Woodalchi's, making her feel like a burden, whether knowingly or unknowingly, irked her. Her inner doctor also clamoured at Choi Young doing so much when what he really needed was a good bedrest, some medicine and pain relievers, and lots of food.
"We can keep shifts."
"When one sleeps, the other watches, and after a few hours they change positions."
"Why? It's what doctors do as well. And their job is just as important."
"Would you allow me to be a doctor and keep shifts if I was not trained?"
"The heads would probably not allow it but circumstances-"
"You are not trained. It is best you sleep."
Damn her and her more than needed truthfulness. She ought to have said yes outright.
You know how you think that things can't possibly get worse? Here's the thing: they can ALWAYS get worse.
True to form, it started to rain.
Choi Young swore and pulling out his sword, started slashing branches left, right and centre. Soon, he was taking out balls of what looked like toughened yarn, and tying the sticks together. In about ten minutes,he had taken care of the horses and had a small lean-to ready.
"This will have to do. I can't make it to big or we'll leave too many clues behind. At least the rain means that our tracks and scents will be washed away." That was the longest Eun Soo had heard him speak all day. They squeezed in as best as they could. Well, this was not awkward at all.
"Go to sleep." Oh lord, he had started using royal-speak on her again.
She turned to lay on her side, not daring to speak lest something angry slip out of her mouth, and closed her eyes. Sleep welcomed her and her sore bum with open arms. At least someone had open arms for her.

It had been half an hour since Eun Soo had fallen asleep. He could tell that she had been upset with him, but he had decided that if even one of them parted with a less damaged heart, it was worth the anger. And it hadn't escaped his notice how Eun Soo had slowly drifted closer to him as she slept. It was instinctual, he knew. It was cold and wet, and he was the only warmth there was. But at the same time, he could help the fact that the person pressing to his side was Eun Soo. He was starting to get drowsy when he heard mumbling. Looking down at her, he saw that her face was drenched with sweat, and her whole face was twisted into a look that conveyed utter horror and heartbreak. So this was one of her nightmares. He felt a stab as he looked at her, and in an effort to quiet her, he started stroking her hair and cooing things he remembered as a hazy memory before he was even fully concious of what he was doing.
But the nightmare kept on getting worse. Someone had caught her, or so it seemed, and she started thrashing with all her might, fighting off imaginary restraints, her limbs knocking into the ground and him and the makeshift walls of the lean-to, and worst of all, the trunk of the old thick tree that that they were leaning against. Before she obtained any more bruises, he caught her in a bear hug, holding her against him and rocking her till she quieted down. 

Poll #1869345 Tell Me Your Thoughts So I Can See What I Did Bad

What Did You Think of Part I

This wasn't half bad, I'd like to see more.
Needs improvement (if so, pwease comment and tell me how <333)
I honestly don't care.
It gave me diabetes and I am suing you.
Yuck. You don't need to continue this.
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