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31 January 2015 @ 09:25 pm
Hi Guys~ Long time no see~ How've you all been? How's the new year been treating you? Hopefully, much better than last year!

2014 was definitely not a good year for me, and I had to be away from the internet for quite some time owing to the fact that I had to, yunno, live in a place with next to no internet. Things were not fun. Graduation was delayed by a semester. I was quite grumpy.

But the past is the past, and dwelling on it is not only unnecessary, but also quite detrimental to one's sanity. And so, we usher in a new Gregorian year with hopes and dreams.

Part of these hopes and dreams is to restart my project of bettering my Mandarin, and thus, I am happy to announce that I will resume (albeit slowly) my translations. This means a new project is to see the start of day~ Aren't we all excited!? And this is where you all come in. It is hardly useful or fruitful or satisfying to translate something which has no audience, so I want to know which translation I should put up! If you do have a candidate for the translations, please leave a comment (I would hope you leave a comment anyway, but still ^^). I will definitely look into your recommendation! Word of warning though, a heavily recced novel may still not be the winner, and this is no way a reflection of my attitudes towards you, but rather a reflection of what is most expedient for me to translate.

Also, before it completely slips my mind, I do need to make an announcement!! I will be moving to my new, or rather, neglected and almost abandoned wordpress blog, Orange Blossom Dreams. If you would like to follow my translations, please do come over there.

My preference goes for stuff like Ding Mo's When He Comes, Close Your Eyes and When A Snail Loves, and Gu Man's Blazing Sunlight etc. which balance heavy, sweet and funny very well~ You will notice that all my choices are modern c-novels which I sometimes choose to read after looking at the cover art. Why, you moan, why are you not prefer Xian Xia novels? Well, dearheart, it's basically because Xian Xia novels are too too too hard for me. Especially when they have battles of wit and wordplay. I found this out when I decided that I would try to help hamster-xuejie translate 1 chapter for practice. Long story short, that chapter is still unfinished, and I am very scared of it *hangs head in shame*. When I become good though, I promise to attempt to try my hand at an untranslated Xian Xia. Also, you should go and encourage whoever translates xian xia (and also otherwise). Let me tell you, that job is tough. They really deserve awards.

In case you have a suggestion, please do let me know! I only have two criteria: that they be modern (or if they're xian xia, at a very easy level of reading), and that they be on the shorter side~

Please do let me know your thoughts *hug* And tell me how you've been doing, in excruciating detail. I've missed you all a lot, my support and backbone~
22 September 2014 @ 11:23 pm
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I’m normally really good at not letting things get to me but I am really feeling hurt about this so please let me vent.

I’ve been translating Remembering Li Chuan for a bit now, and I’m almost done with chapter 6. But today I saw that someone read my translations, found they weren’t to her liking, and started translating on her own. Now, I don’t mind that, instead of coming over and correcting me or offering to help me, both things I have clearly stated I’m open to, she started on her own. And I’m not going to make stupid claims in anger that her translations are barely different than mine so far, so what is the entire point of having two different versions? It’s her right to do whatever you want. But the least she could do was drop me a comment saying that she was starting to translate. I would’ve responded really happily, and offered my help and let her continue, and probably dropped the series. But just the fact that she knew my translations existed before starting hers and didn’t even bother to write a couple of sentences as courtesy really rubbed me the wrong way. Honestly speaking, manners cost nothing, unless you’re in some kind of emergency. I started my translations when everyone else had barely heard of Li Chuan, and I know my translations are slow and probably very bad, but I honestly worked really hard on them, and now I simply feel really hurt.  

I know that some of you may think that I'm being unnecessarily dramatic or butthurt, but I guess you have to understand where I am coming from. Translating mandarin is actually incredibly difficult for me. I have to spend a huge amount of time on every chapter, because I want to do the chapter justice when I'm coming from a background of almost no chinese whatsoever. I've had to give up leisure time in which I did things like read other people's translations (I'm sorry all my xue-jies, I'll become a frequent nuisance on your blogs once more), because if I don't spend time translating these chapters I feel guilty. I started because I wanted to give back to a community and realised that I could, even though it was a rather hard and long route. To be honest, the only reason I learnt chinese was to be closer to my maternal grandmother, my Ahma, because she's the only one in my mixed family who spoke it. Now that my Ahma is in tiantang , mandarin feels like the strongest tie I have to her. I grew up listening to her stories, she is the one who got me hooked on reading. My Ahma, frankly, in my eyes, is as perfect a human as I can ever aspire be. I carried into my translations all these feelings. So yes, maybe I am being unnecessarily dramatic. But this is why I am.

Anyway, after all this, I've come to the conclusion that there is no merit in me doing duplicate work, so for now, my version of the Remembering Li Chuan chapters are on an indefinite hiatus and if you want info for the other translations, you can visit the Shusheng Bar page for it ^^. If the other person ever discontinues or otherwise stops her translation for any reason whatsoever, I will pick it right back up from where she left off, promise~ (thou shalt never go without RLC *giggles madly*)

Now for the good news after I made you all listen to my whining: since I've (for now) dropped RLC, I'm free to pick up another project. Just right in a comment about anything you would like to see translated! I'll read the plot summary and get back to you~ I should also mention that while I'm not open to all suggestions, I normally prefer shorter, modern day, comedic books (especially if they're mentioned on Shusheng Bar so I can gauge other people (who have similar taste to mine)'s reactions) for translation. But again, open to all suggestions ^u^

Hope everyone in exam season is doing well, remember, only a little more to go!! Try to minimize procrastination!! Jia You!!! Su Su!!! Fighting~ Gambatte o(^u^)o

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31 January 2014 @ 11:47 am
Right, so here we have chapter 5, which was really hard for me to translate mostly due to the ending dialogue.  I have not watched Hannibal (the movie) since I was 9 and I peeked through the gap in the door while some older cousins were watching, so yeah, I had a hard time with that part and if there are any inaccuracies I wish that you would just ignore them.

I am working on getting my life on track, so you shall be seeing me a bit more often (I hope). Meanwhile, enjoy chapter 5

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This was the chappie that won me over, tbh... Until now, I was all, meh, he's too perfect, she's too perfect. But here, we get into the details of the bum leg and the dry quips and Li Chuan finally has more personality! And our leading lady has a spine, and practices her speaking English by memorizing horror movie lines... characterisation, we have some XP
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22 January 2014 @ 02:06 pm
So, as I am currently on a lakorn binge, I've discovered hidden treasure troves and many deadlinks, especially in the light of the megaupload disaster and channels like wishboniko's going down (T_T)l, so I thought I'd make a list to share~ I'm categorising them by website type rather than content type, since I feel it's more convenient that way ^u^ I'll try and keep the list updated ^u^

Youtube channels (links lead to user upload playlists):

Facebook Pages:

Tumblrs: (the whole tumblr is amazing, but that tag is helpful so I've put that link in ^^)

Wordpresses: (The famous goddess. Thank her, thank her lots.) (witty, witty recaps and other goodies~) (Much subs~ Very goddess~) (Downloads~)


Misc.: (One of the most up-to-date and complete sites, plus (streaming) links and goodies abound~) (Downloads and other goodies) (recaps, news and goodies) (needs no description) (Jasmin's lakorn blog.) (the blog's inactive but the posts are still up, so some lakorns and fanfics) (watch raw lakorns)
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06 November 2013 @ 04:15 pm
And here's the exciting (well, relatively) part to chapter 4 to conclude it. Claws are out and all~ And as usual, comments really helpful and appreciated ^^
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04 November 2013 @ 04:23 pm
I'm sorry for not posting up for such a long time, but the first round of midterms hit me like a tonne of bricks, and it was all I could do to cope. I didn't even have time to reply to any comments asking why I was asking late. To be honest, I have other projects as well, so when I see that a project isn't as popular as the others, it goes lowest on the priority list, so if you could all comment, I'd get a more accurate picture of how popular this was, and I'd pay more attention to this.

Either way, talk over, time to torture you with the first part, aka Long and Tiring.

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20 October 2013 @ 09:01 pm

I propose we start calling them the PocaGuri couple~

So I don't really watch WGM (basically it's been WooJung couple, Adam couple, Ansol Couple and snatches of the international one) so I wasn't really expecting anything, but a couple of gifsets caught my eye, and before I knew it.. there we have it, a couple I love (and it took me 5 episodes to decide that, so unless they really screw up, they're good). So err.. I went ahead and made cuts for them (this season is good that way that they don't have interlacing clips of the different couples). There might be a few extra seconds in the front and back of the video, but that's because I'd rather leave a bit extra in than accidentally cut some out.

So yeah... tell me if there's any problem, and I'll try to fix it.

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18 September 2013 @ 03:50 pm
Since Remembering Li Chuan is a memoir of sorts, it's actually made up of interwoven flashbacks, which can sometimes be hard to follow when translating chapter by chapter, and for that I apologize. This chapter, as it happens, is a short flashback... easy for me, more painful for you ^_^;;

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